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Swimming in El Nicho, Cuba

June 18, 2015

In a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe, an unexpected sight on the Cuban roads, we wind our way through Sierra Del Escambray, stopping to take in the views back over the valley and of course, enjoy Cuban coffee at a ‘coffee museum’, until we reach Parque El Nicho.

Crossing dry streams and rivers, we walk up to one of many waterfalls, where we enjoy the refreshing swim in the enchanting waterhole.

Avoiding the new arrival of tourists, we skip the park’s restaurant, instead opting for a local meal further down the road, in what feels to be the ladies backyard.

After a week in Cuba struggling to converse with the locals, we were grateful to have hired an english speaking local guide to answer our questions on Cuban life.

As our local guide entertained us with Mother-in-law jokes, our plates were filled with pork, fresh tomatoes, dried banana’s, a delicious african root vegetable topped with a garlic jew and accompanied by the must-have, rice and beans.
El Nicho, Cuba

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