I’ve compiled, and answered, a few frequently asked questions from friends, followers and fellow bloggers. As my blog grows I have no doubt that this page will to so check back regularly.



Do you have a ‘real’ job?
I do. When I’m not travelling, and sometimes when I am, I’m the owner and photographer at Bitsa Bernard pet photography.

What camera gear do you travel with?
Gosh this changes each trip depending on my focus. To India I took pretty much a full kit; D700, 24-85mm, 70-200mm, 50mm and a tripod. I stripped it back to just D700, 35mm and an 85mm for Cuba/Mexico- I love my 70-200 but it just isn’t piratical walking the streets day in day out- it’s too heavy and also intimidating so it’s stayed home. And I’ve just invested in a Fuji XT-1 and a couple of primes to take on my next trip instead of my heavy Nikon gear.

What’s in your travel pack?
I strip back my pack to be as small and light as possible.
Pretty much every trip will see me with a first Aid kit, toilet bag, torch, swiss army knife, a micro fibre towel, Havaianas, hiking boots and as little clothes as possible suitable to the climate.

How do you get to travel so much?
I work ridiculously hard for ten months of the year and also sacrifice some luxuries to take two months overseas.
My work also allows me to travel and depending on where I am heading I will book sessions in that area which will help cover the trip

Do you have a favourite country?
This is a hard one. My favourite European country would have to be Spain. Bhutan was the most life-changing, but India has my heart.

Where’s on top of your travel list?
Africa. Followed closely by Antarctica, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Iceland.