An ancient culture in a modern world



12x small unframed prints: 8"x12" fine art print
6x large framed prints: 16"x24" framed fine art print

I stood here, in the almost darkness, by a beautifully decorated column, in this Bhutanese Dzong for around fifteen minutes. Monks darted about, running by me in the corridor, laughing with their friends. I stood just watching the ever changing group of young, cheeky monks. I was just about to head up stairs when one monk left the group to take a phone call. Of course I quickly lifted my camera, changed some settings and waited, so patiently. I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for but I just knew it wasn’t the image I wanted yet. Then the younger monk twirled his robe as they do, and headed off- that’s what I was waiting for. To me, this image sums up the wonderful Bhutan- an ancient civilisation trying to live in the modern world without losing its traditions.

Awarded at the Australian Professional Photography Awards

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